Every time I open any Pro Tips books, I know that reading’s gonna be worthwhile :) Best of Pro Tips book launch tomorrow at the 35th Manila International Book Fair :)) Two of the most beautiful woman I knew gave life to this book all for God’s glory! <3

Every time I open any Pro Tips books, I know that reading’s gonna be worthwhile :) Best of Pro Tips book launch tomorrow at the 35th Manila International Book Fair :)) Two of the most beautiful woman I knew gave life to this book all for God’s glory! <3

Gracious Tempest (Live from Youth) - Hillsong Young & Free → x


Dear Lord,

Today I want to thank you for everything. Thank you kasi ngayong araw na to nareceived ko yung parang pinakafullness ng change na kelangan ng heart ko. Di ko po sinasabi na perfect na, alam ko pong malayong malayo pa.. pero nakita ko po na malayo na rin yung narating ng change ng puso na to kumpara noon. At dahil yun sayo Lord. Today I felt and I’m sure that I got one step closer to you Lord.. na matagal na panahong hindi ko nagawa.. kasi hindi ko pala talaga magagawa by my own. Salamat po sa very deep reminder na hinding hindi ko dapat binabalewala o least na cinoconsider ang bawat magaganda, ang bawat miracle na ginagawa mo sa buhay ko, maging ang mga corrections mo po sakin. Lord salamat kasi yung hardened heart ko na to muli minelt mo ng pag-ibig mo. Salamat kasi hindi mo kinaiinipan ang pagbabago ko. Salamat kasi kahit hindi ako palaging tapat sayo, palagi kang tapat sa’kin. Tapat Lord, faithful, never swaying pagdating sa pagmamahal mo sakin. Etong pag-ibig mo na to Lord, infinite talaga. Yung akala ko yun na yun, hinding hindi pa pala. Tunay Lord your thoughts Lord aren’t my thoughts. Your ways aren’t my ways. Yung ways mo ng pag-ibig sakin sobrang countless Lord. Sobrang unfathomable. Sobrang infinite Lord. Kaya sobrang salamat talaga kasi hindi ka tumigil para mas maramdaman ko yung pag-ibig mo na buong buhay ko palagi kong hinahanap sa tao. Lord maraming maraming salamat po talaga.

Gustong gusto ko pong magamit mo ulit ako para mapakilala ka naman sa iba, para maishare ko ulit yung pag-ibig mo. Hinihiling ko po na gawin mo pong sabik yung puso ko sayo, gawin mo pong bukas na bukas yung puso ko sa pag-ibig mo para napaka smooth flowing, napaka buhay at totoong totoo ko pong ma-share to sa iba. Ibalik mo po ako sa pagmamahal sa kapwa ko Lord. Yung pagmamahal na walang halong ibang motibo. Yung pagmamahal Lord gaya ng love mo, full of compassion.

Sobrang salamat din po Lord sa buhay ng mga kaibigan ko na kapatid ko sayo. Salamat po sa buhay nila. Dalangin ko po na sabay sabay kaming maggrow sa pag-ibig mo. Sabay sabay na matunaw lalo yung matitigas naming puso ng pag-ibig mo. Salamat po sa joy na binibigay mo sa tuwing magkakasama kami. Salamat po Lord for I really have found a family, a home in them. Mahal na mahal ko sila Lord. Sobrang salamat po sa buhay nila. Wag mo pong hayaan na mawala ang isa man sa amin sa faith life na to. Keep us all Lord in your love. Kahit sumusuko na yung iba, wag na wag mo po silang susukuan. 

Hay Lord. Nakakamangha ka. Gusto ko pa pong madiskubre ang iba pang kaya mong gawin sa buhay ko. Salamat talaga kasi ako na ganito lang, napakaordinaryo, minahal mo ng ganito. Iba ka Lord, ibang iba talaga.

I can still remember how I first felt the art of letting go when that favorite cardigan of mine fell on the jeep which I rode from. I was in my 2nd year in college. Sobra talaga kong nanghinayang noon. But then I managed to let go of the feeling, accept what happened and not to rant about it over and over again. Dahil alam ko kahit gaano pa kalaki yung panghihinayang ko, hindi na non mababalik yung cardigan ko. (Cardigan pa lang yan, haha)

Even until now, I’m still in the art of letting go and will forever be. Reality is, there’s just really so many things we need to let go in many different times. That there are so many things which will be gone from us and we all need to accept that. We are really not in control; that no matter how much you plan, you take care of things, you will still loose hold of it because that’s just how it was supposed to be. 

You know the sad part of my story- losing the chance to get into my dream school, into the honor roll, the guy I love and the list goes on. Well, God helped me to totally let go of those and fully moved on. Life goes on and along the way, you will encounter again situations what’s all left is to let go and you’ll remind yourself it’s fine, it happened before, it will mold you stronger. You will remind yourself, without difficulties, you won’t know how to be strong. Without losses, you won’t know how to be found and won’t discover things on your own. Without pain, there’ll be no thrill, there’ll be no tears and you won’t find how awesome it is to be joyful. Without hardships, you won’t know how to be grateful on where you are right now and won’t learn that they are God’s way of bringing you somewhere. You won’t discover how beautiful life can be with the Lord if you learn not how to simply let go of things you are never in control.

the song 
my long time
and unfinished

How will
I know

if it’s real 
when I am
so used to
maybe-he’s-the-one seal?

Is it still

to feel
a new
special way

the feeling
has been 

an old, 

—Angel Crown

Today I want to unfold a new story
of blame;
blaming you how
can’t I even be a
part of the dream
I first dreamt of
just because you’re there

of sadness;
asking why is it
so quick of you
to close your door
for the people who care,
then end up feeling 
sorry for yourself

of giving back;
thinking when can
I bring you to places
we both never been,
taste scents we’ve
walk around together
grab some souvenirs to play
and pictures to share

of waiting;
trusting that time will come
I’ll finally meet you
who’ll hold my hand tight,
look me in the eye
and say you’ve been praying
for me 
all your life

of dream;
discovering what can fully
motivate you to be
unstoppable, unshakable
to make things happen,
and create the life you’ve
never been written

—When the Last You was Me

It was a normal day for me. No much requests in the office. What I did between times on simple tasks given are watching Newsboys music videos and scanning blogs again. It’s becoming my habit… to scan photos on different blogs and read random posts. By 6 pm, I checked out from the office and headed in a fast food to grab a cheeseburger and peach mango pie for dinner. While walking along the street, the view of the moving vehicles, lighted establishments, kids on the street, were like moving photographs for me. When I’m walking back home, I felt like my life is on film. Whoa, I felt both weird and cool having assumed my eye on visuals is leveling up. Thanks to the rich kids’ blogs I’m following here and of course, my some free time at work.

Aside from the photographic and filmic feels I had, I sadly felt that until now I am incapable of establishing something creative in my life. Seeing how my day turned out in the office with no much creativity made me feel I am so out of goals. Well, look at those bloggers I’m following, most of them are still students but given the resources and passion, they’re able to produce something out of their life. While me, I had very very little work done for myself and for my dream. So I had this feeling that I should write my thoughts down and re-plan my life and set goals again.

When I finally reached my boarding house, as usual the lights were off, meaning the other boarders are sleeping. Only the light in our mini kitchen was on. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and saw 1 missed call and 5 unread messages from Cez. The texts said Cathleen lost her money and would go here in Cubao from UP to borrow money from me. Cez called again and told me what happened. Later on, Cathleen called and we planned where we’ll meet.

I managed to eat my burger first before heading in Araneta where we’ll meet. Kung tutuusin pwede namang abangan ko na siya sa may MRT para less hassle. Pero ewan ko, nagdire-diretso ako ng lakad papuntang Araneta. While walking, I was thinking if I’ll stay in a café after meeting Cathleen so I can write again and if I’ll treat her some dinner to make some payback for all her generosity on me, haha. Cathleen’s a very very good and crazy friend of mine. Kung uso nga lang ang ‘bestfriend’ label sa buhay ko, isa na siya sa mga na-labelan ko with floating hearts on the background, lol. Kaya naisip ko maybe it’s time to give back kahit 541 pesos na lang ang laman ng atm ko at may 200 plus pa sa wallet ko.

Random thoughts kept on flashing as usual sa napaka-biglaang gabi na to. Just when you thought na tapos na naman ang araw mo, something’s gonna caught you up and extend your let’s-call-it-a-day cliché. I was thinking again my life verse that all things work together for good… so I can really feel by that time something’s gonna happen.

I finally reached Araneta. I walked a little more around Coffee Bean. I was spotting for a good sit when I noticed this orange polo wearing not-so-tall guy sitting outside the café, facing his netbook with Facebook on its screen. I can only see his back and his hair which is kinda familiar to me. I moved closer and simply walked in front of him to check if my instinct was correct. To my surprise and to his much surprise too, my instinct was right! It was Sir Reg on his usual weird choice of polo color. I called him ‘Sir Reg!!’ and he was like ‘Woah! Fela! Anong ginagawa mo dito?’ He did shouted back at me at nasamid pa siya dahil umiinom siya nung tinawag ko siya, hahahaha. I answered his question with a question as well ‘Kayo ang anong ginagawa dito sir? Taga-Cubao na po ako diba? Hahahaha’ Then he told me his reason and I told him mine. Cathleen then came. I introduced them to each other. We left Sir Reg and I noted that if ever he’s still there in the café when I come back, we’ll talk some more.

I asked Cathleen whether she want to take her dinner but I can feel she’s not in mood. We headed first in the nearest ATM (which I can say is still far, though). We talked and talked as usual. After I withdraw, I walked her back to the mall exit heading to the MRT station. When we’re already near on the exit, she decided just to walk me back on the exit heading to Araneta because her story isn’t finish yet. Nakakatawa kasi naghatidan lang kaming dalawa.

I went back in the café and found Sir Reg inside. I instantly showed up to him again, haha. He was talking to Ma’am Mabel, my professor as well, when I showed up. I asked him if he’s planning to leave already and answered with me a no plus ‘magkwentuhan muna tayo!’ Sigurado akong mahaba-habang kwentuhan yon kaya wala, napa-order na ko for the both of us.

Our kwentuhan is about kamustahan. He updated me about the organization we together re-established, the new and better MasCom system in LPU (Thanks to his promotion as the head of mass communication), his misunderstanding with somebody we used to know, my classmate being hired as an instructor in our school, the attitudes of the 3rd year and 4th year students in comparison with our batch, my classmates who are now employed, etc. We even talked about the love life of the very unforgettable couple in our class. I then shared him my work, what I do, my epic innocence and improvements, my learning even it’s out of our field. All in all, the talk is so full of updates and is so memorable for the both of us since we were both surprised on the incident.

As usual, I realized a lot from this incident. One came from Sir Reg’s update about the org’s upcoming plan, the alumni awards. Well, I am not really expecting that I’ll receive the award for the criteria’s about getting involved and excelling in our field. We all know I am so out of field but no regrets, I am happy in my job now. I know God put me here for a reason and I’m indeed grateful. Hearing about the alimni awards made me imagine my longtime dream which is I’m not in the business of sharing at this moment, hahaha. 

It is indeed a very Romans 8:28 day for me. All things work together for good to those who love God and those who are the called according to His purpose. 


Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.
— Dead Poets Society


Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.

— Dead Poets Society

Trying to recall the works that I did to prove to my planner that I&#8217;m more than a productive wanna be.

Trying to recall the works that I did to prove to my planner that I’m more than a productive wanna be.

I am cruel, I am apathetic, I am broken, and I am always falling short; this is why I must point everyone I know to Christ, He is consistent in a world full of inconsistencies, He is faithful when all the world is unfaithful, and He is good when goodness cannot be found.
- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)
Of course, you never really forget anyone, but you certainly release them. You stop allowing their history to have any meaning for you today. You let them change their haircut, let them move, let them fall in love again. And when you see this person you have let go, you realize that there is no reason to be sad. The person you knew exists somewhere, but you are separated by too much time to reach them again.
- How We Let People Go (Chelsea Fagan)